Bonny Colville-Hyde's corner of the internet, all about UX


I’m a User Experience professional with a decade of diverse experience. I’m currently the Product Manager for Immediate Media’s Sports & Specialist portfolio where I look after a broad range of websites including BikeRadar, Cyclingnews, HistoryExtra, Countryfile and Mollie Makes to name a few.

I have strong practical and strategic skills I’ve developed working for digital agencies, directly with clients and in house. I’ve previously worked at some very special agencies: Sift Digital, 3Sixty and cxpartners, as well as being my own boss as a freelance consultant. Former clients include eBay, Expedia, The Samaritans, Volkswagen Financial Services and the NHS.

I consider myself to be a UX all-rounder as I have experience working across information architecture, content strategy, usability, and interaction design. I lean towards the ‘chaotic’ side of UX where I enjoy planning and running user research, analysing and triangulating the results and then deciding what strategy to take based on them.

I aim to cultivate an awareness and appreciation of user needs throughout organisations. In my current role I curate knowledge sharing classes to improve general digital literacy, content governance and improved practice with my extended stakeholder team of about 90 people.

I regularly speak at conferences and events across Europe, details of these can be found on my events page. I’m best known for my workshops and talks about UX comics, and I sometimes teach these in-house at organisations – I’ve run these for the GDS user research teams.

When I’m not doing UX stuff, I can generally be found doing some sort of crafty project, cooking or cat wrangling. I believe in lifelong learning and always have side projects on the go. I’m currently learning about electronics and surface pattern design. I dream of creating my own range of fabric, and you can see my learning experiments on my small blog about this called Woodland Cabin Studio.

I relax by listening to podcasts, re-watching Twin Peaks, drawing silly pictures, or working on side projects (one day I will finally launch one of my digital projects!).

Photo of Bonny Colville-Hyde with Kiki the cat