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Upcoming events:

TBC – Contact me if you would like me to speak at your event.

Past events:

UX In The City, Manchester, 4-5th May 2017

The Joy of Mental Models, 1 hour workshop

UX Ireland, 10 – 11th November 2016

An Introduction to Structured Content

Structured Content UX Ireland from Bonny Colville-Hyde

Product Tank South West, 1st November 2016

Five UX Myths to Avoid

Five UX Myths to Avoid from Bonny Colville-Hyde

UX Bristol, 15th July 2016

Structured Content: Scaling Your Ideas to Create Better Experiences, 1 hour workshop co-run with Martina Welander from Sitecore.

Design Exchange Nottingham

Intro to UX Comics, 45 min talk followed by UX Q&A with Joe Leech.

UX In The City 2016, Oxford, 31st March – 1st April 2016

UX In The City conference schedule

Make Your First UX Comic – UX in the City 2016 from Bonny Colville-Hyde

MakingWeb 2.15, Oslo, 22 – 23 September 2015

MakingWeb conference schedule

DotYork, 9th April 2015

Learning from Comics

Dsgn Day, Amsterdam, 11th November 2014

Comics are Real Work

UX Cambridge, 10 – 12 September 2014

Workshop: UX Comics: Make your first UX Comic

UX Oxford, 27 August 2014

UX Comics Talk

UXPA 2014, London, 21 – 24 July 2014

Talk: ‘UX Comics: Communicating Experiences & Sharing Ideas’

UX Bristol, Bristol, 18 July 2014

Workshop Communicating Experiences with UX Comics.

UXPA UK: Summer Workshop Extravaganza, London, 26th June 2014

Workshop: ‘Kaboom! Making comics to communicate user experiences’

Social Media South West, June 10 2014

Workshop: Social Media Disaster!

UX Lausanne, Switzerland, May 22 – 23 2014

Workshop: ‘UX Comics: Storytelling and Empathy in Action’

Future of Web Design, London, April 2014

SWUX Meetup, Bristol, March 2014

‘UX Comic Workshop’
Event details page:

UX Cambridge, Cambridge, September 2013

UX Scotland, Edinburgh, July 2013

Skill Swap, Bristol, May & June 2013

Skill Swap ‘Responsive’ Events: May 2013 and June 2013.