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UX Comics

This page is a work in progress! I will publish links to resources, tips and recommended reading to get you started making your own UX comics.

UX Comic Examples:

What is this User Experience thing?

How woodlice can help your website


Choosing a comic format (diagram)

Recommended Books:

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

Making Comics by Scott McCloud

See What I Mean by Kevin Cheng

Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice by Ivan Brunetti

Slides from my talks and workshops:

The slide decks below show the evolution of my UX comic talks and workshops – each time I do one I end up updating my slides with feedback and new thinking. You’ll find the content is very similar, but the order and a few other bits will change between them.

GDS Workshop, London, 2015:

DotYork, York, 2015:

Dsgn Day, Amsterdam, 2014:

UXPA London, 2014:

UXBristol, 2014:

Future of Web Design London, 2014:

UX Scotland, 2013: