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Still from The Shining - here's Jonny!

Hello, again. I’m back.

I’ve now closed down my freelancing company, Almost Exact Ltd. Working full time gives me plenty to do, so there is no time for me to take on additional freelance work so it doesn’t make sense to keep paying an accountant and having to worry about tax and the like. It does leave me with a little gap though, so I have decided to fill it by re-starting the blog part of my company website. And here we are.

When I can I will post what I hope are interesting snippets of UX stuff here, and I am looking forward to working on this again. I’ve completely re-skinned my site and will continue to work on ironing out the inevitable bugs that exist because I have no QA to test my fat-fingered approach to actually doing stuff in HTML, CSS or PHP… please be patient.