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Fix the organisation not the interface

Organisations can harm user experiences through their management policies and practices before an interface has even been introduced to the equation.

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Five tips: How to work better with developers

Five easy tips to help you work better with developer teams.

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Free: Sketch font

A free sketch handwriting font for editing hand-drawn wireframes or creating digital ones with a lo-fi feel.

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Free: 12 job-themed characters

Free-to-use illustrations of job-themed characters. Here is a mini illustration collection of job-themed character sketches, featuring medics, vets and call centre staff. They are a slightly unusual collection because I made them with a particular project in mind. When I get a chance I will introduce more job roles...

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Free persona character set

A free collection of 32 character sketches I often draw sketches of users to enrich the documentation I produce for clients. There is something about using slightly cute, rough and ready sketches that makes people connect with them quicker than photographs (especially stock images). As a user experience designer...

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