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Free: 12 job-themed characters

Free-to-use illustrations of job-themed characters.

Illustration of different job-based persona characters

Here is a mini illustration collection of job-themed character sketches, featuring medics, vets and call centre staff.

Illustration of a researcher with a clipboard

They are a slightly unusual collection because I made them with a particular project in mind. When I get a chance I will introduce more job roles into the collection.

The collection of illustrations is made up of 12 png files ready to be used in user experience documents – they could come in handy if you need to quickly illustrate some professional user groups and don’t fancy using stock photography.

> Download “Job themed character collection” here

I am happy for you to use this collection in your work without the need to credit me, however I do not wish this collection to be sold or distributed as part of other collections without my prior consent. If you have any questions on this then please contact me.