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Free persona character set

A free collection of 32 character sketches

Collection of illustrated characters

I often draw sketches of users to enrich the documentation I produce for clients. There is something about using slightly cute, rough and ready sketches that makes people connect with them quicker than photographs (especially stock images).

Illustrated sketch of a skier

As a user experience designer I’ve found that I don’t just have to consider the engagement of users, I also need to design documentation to encourage engagement from clients. Little details and some quirks can go a long way to keeping people engaged during presentations. This collection of users will hopefully help keep your clients engaged too!

This little collection of 32 characters includes lots of different users, suitable for multiple types of project. They are provided as individual png files to enable you to easily use them in PowerPoint and Keynote documents.

Download the “free persona character set” here

I am happy for you to use this collection in your work without the need to credit me, however I do not wish this collection to be sold or distributed as part of other collections without my prior consent. If you have any questions on this then please contact me.