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Countdown to UX Scotland 2013

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In just a few days time I’ll be in Edinburgh preparing to do my first proper talk at a conference, and I’m excited and terrified in equal measure! The session I’m running covers how to make a UX comic:

How to make your first UX comic or storyboard

“Comics and storyboards can enable you to communicate user journeys that cover on and offline experiences in a clear and visual way. They can help wider client groups engage with the problems customers face, especially relating to journeys that may take place across multiple devices, time frames and contexts.

This is a practical, hands on session that will look at how to put together a structure, characters and scenario for your first ever UX comic. It will be done on paper, but digital tools useful for creating comics will also be covered. All materials will be provided. No particular drawing skills are needed, we’ll start from scratch, even for those who are scared of putting pencil to paper!”

View all the session details on the programme page: How to make your first UX comic or storyboard.

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If you are attending UX Scotland, please be gentle with me :-)