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Notes from UX In The City

Three things I learned at UX in the City 2016.

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UXPA 2014: Slides from my talk

Here are the slides from my talk at the UXPA 2014 conference in London.

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Future of Web Design 2014

I'll be speaking at the Future of Web Design conference in London in April. My session is titled: Communicating Experiences with Comics: How to Share Ideas Through Pictures.

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Content, Clients and Responsive Design: UX Cambridge Talk

A few notes about the session I ran at UX Cambridge in September 2013 on 'Content, Clients and Responsive Design'.

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How to make your first UX comic – UXScotland slides

Slides from my UXScotland talk on how to make your first ever UX comic!

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Logo for UX Scotland

Countdown to UX Scotland 2013

I'm going to be speaking at UX Scotland about comics and storyboards!

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You cant polish a turd (Bristol Skillswap talk)

The first Bristol Skillswap on responsive web design was so popular, we ran it again!

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