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Future of Web Design 2014

FOWD London poster graphic

I am totally stoked that I’ve been invited to speak at the Future of Web Design conference that’s taking place in London on April 7th to 9th 2014. Here are the details of my session:

Communicating Experiences with Comics: How to Share Ideas Through Pictures

Tuesday 8th April, 12:15pm, Rising Stars Track

“The comic format is almost universally understood as a storytelling device. We see a series of panels of images and we know how to interpret them instinctively. We are drawn to the characters, their situation and their emotions. We can relate to them and see ourselves as them. The speed of communication afforded by comics gives us the opportunity to share complex user journeys in a simple way that others enjoy reading, sharing and talking about. Comics can be used throughout a project life cycle to communicate ideas, propose solutions and work through problems. You do not need to be a skilled artist to produce meaningful stories – stick-men are perfectly good at acting out scenarios! This session will showcase example comics I’ve produced for clients, as well as explore stories of how others have used them effectively within digital projects. You will also be given tips and advice for getting started making your own comics.”

Early bird tickets are available until December 31st 2013.