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Highlights from UXScotland 2013

UX Scotland was a hoot: here is a short account of my highlights from the conference.

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How to make your first UX comic – UXScotland slides

Slides from my UXScotland talk on how to make your first ever UX comic!

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Countdown to UX Scotland 2013

I'm going to be speaking at UX Scotland about comics and storyboards!

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You cant polish a turd (Bristol Skillswap talk)

The first Bristol Skillswap on responsive web design was so popular, we ran it again!

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Still from The Shining - here's Jonny!

Hello, again. I’m back.

I'm back!

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Closed for business (for now)

I'm closing Almost Exact Ltd for the time being due to personal circumstances.

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Gratiffi: a charity shop directory

Gratiffi is our latest project: a charity shop directory that promotes charity shops across the UK.

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Fix the organisation not the interface

Organisations can harm user experiences through their management policies and practices before an interface has even been introduced to the equation.

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Five tips: How to work better with developers

Five easy tips to help you work better with developer teams.

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Free: Sketch font

A free sketch handwriting font for editing hand-drawn wireframes or creating digital ones with a lo-fi feel.

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